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Beginner's Guide: How to Build a Gaming PC

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Motherboard and component upgrades

Core components

At BOX, we stock an extensive range of computer components to take your computing experience to the next level. Whether you're a dedicated gamer, a creative professional, or a tech enthusiast, we have the perfect graphics cards, processors, motherboards, and memory modules to meet your needs. Building your next PC and buying multiple items? Check out our component bundles which offer fantastic value.

Motherboard (MOBO)

The motherboard is the backbone of your computer, and we have a wide array of options available to suit different needs. Our motherboards boast cutting-edge features such as extensive connectivity options, overclocking capabilities, and support for the latest storage technologies. Designed with durability and stability in mind, our motherboards ensure smooth operation and provide a solid foundation for your system.

Processors (CPU)

For those seeking powerful processing capabilities, our collection of processors by AMD and Intel Celeron will not disappoint. Designed to handle demanding tasks with ease, our processors offer impressive clock speeds, multiple cores, and advanced technologies. Whether you're a content creator tackling complex video editing projects or a professional seeking seamless multitasking, our processors provide the performance and reliability you can depend on.

Graphics cards (GPU)

When it comes to graphics cards, we offer a diverse range of cutting-edge options that will take your gaming or visual rendering to new heights. Our selection includes the latest models from leading brands such as MSI, ASUS, and Gigabyte, all powered by NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon technology ensuring you get the best performance and stunning graphics for your system. With features like advanced cooling solutions, high memory capacity, and efficient power consumption, our graphics cards deliver the ultimate in immersive gaming experiences and seamless multimedia editing.

Memory (RAM)

When it comes to memory, or RAM, we understand the importance of fast and reliable performance. That's why we offer high-quality memory modules that deliver exceptional speed and responsiveness. Whether you require DDR4 modules with high capacities for resource-intensive applications or low-latency memory for seamless gaming, our selection has you covered. We stock top names such as Kingston, Crucial, ADATA, and Corsair, so you can upgrade your system's memory and experience improved multitasking, faster data transfer, and enhanced overall performance.


Discover a world of storage solutions tailored to your data needs. Our collection includes high-capacity hard drives, lightning-fast SSDs, and cutting-edge NVMe drives that offer blazing read and write speeds. Whether you're looking to store important documents, your gaming library, or your creative projects, our storage options ensure you never run out of space. Experience lightning-fast data access and reduce loading times with our selection of storage solutions.

Computer cases

Shop our collection of computer cases, cooling solutions, and accessories for your ultimate computer building experience. Our range features an extensive selection of top-quality computer cases designed to meet the diverse needs of enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals alike. Whether you're seeking a sleek and minimalist design, a show-stopping RGB-lit masterpiece, or a compact solution for your mini-ITX build, we have the perfect case to house your prized components. To keep your system running cool and efficient, we offer a range of cutting-edge cooling solutions, including high-performance CPU coolers, liquid cooling kits, and case fans with optimized airflow. Additionally, our array of accessories will take your build to the next level, from cable management solutions and LED lighting strips to custom sleeved cables and noise dampening materials. Explore our collection today and embark on a journey to create the computer of your dreams.

PC cooling

Discover our extensive range of cooling solutions designed to optimize your system's performance. Our cooling options include high-performance CPU coolers, liquid cooling kits, and case fans that deliver efficient airflow and temperature control. Whether you're a gamer pushing your system to the limits or a professional with demanding workloads, our cooling solutions ensure that your PC stays cool even during intense tasks. Upgrade your cooling to maximize your system's potential.

Power supply

Explore our range of power supply units to meet your computing needs. Our selection of power supplies includes a variety of wattages and efficiency ratings to suit different setups. Whether you're building a gaming rig with multiple graphics cards or a compact HTPC, we have the right power supply to keep your system running smoothly. Our power supplies are built with quality and reliability in mind, providing stable power to all your components. Don't compromise on power - choose from our selection to meet your system's requirements.

At BOX, we are dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line computer components that will elevate your computing experience. Explore our wide range of graphics cards, processors, motherboards, and memory modules, and take your system to the next level. With our high-quality products and reliable customer service, you can trust us to meet all your computer component needs.

What PC components do I need?

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the "brain" of your computer and handles all the processing tasks.


The motherboard connects and facilitates communication between all the components.

Memory (RAM)

RAM stores data that the CPU is currently working on.


You'll need storage for your operating system, applications, and data.

Power supply unit (PSU)

The PSU provides power to all components.

Graphics processing unit (GPU)

If you plan to do gaming or graphics-intensive work, you'll need a dedicated GPU.

Computer case

Choose a case that can accommodate your components and has adequate cooling options.

Cooling system

A CPU cooler and case fans help regulate the temperature of your components.

Operating system

You'll need an operating system to run software and manage your computer.

Input and output devices

A keyboard, mouse, and monitor are essential for interacting with your PC. Check out our input and output devices.


Additional peripherals like speakers, headphones, and a printer can enhance your computing experience.

Network connection

You'll need an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi card for internet connectivity.

Optical drive (optional)

While less common nowadays, you may want an optical drive for reading DVDs or CDs.

Cables and connectors

Ensure you have the necessary cables and connectors to link all your components.


Install necessary software like drivers, antivirus, and productivity applications to get your PC up and running.

Are PC components universally compatible?

CPU and motherboard compatibility

In the world of PC building, compatibility is a crucial factor. While many PC components are designed to work together, they are not universally compatible. It's important to ensure that the components you choose will work harmoniously in your system. The compatibility of CPU and motherboard is a fundamental consideration. CPUs have specific socket types, and motherboards are designed to accommodate certain socket types. Make sure your CPU is compatible with your motherboard in terms of socket and chipset.

RAM compatibility

Another critical factor is RAM compatibility. Check the motherboard's documentation for supported RAM types, speeds, and capacities. Ensure your RAM is compatible with your motherboard to avoid issues.

GPU compatibility

When it comes to graphics, most GPUs use the PCIe interface, which is standard. However, ensure your power supply can handle the GPU's power requirements, and that your case can physically fit the GPU.

Storage compatibility

Different storage drives (SSD, HDD, M.2) use various interfaces. Ensure your motherboard has the necessary connectors for your storage devices.

PSU wattage

The power supply unit (PSU) must supply enough power for all components. It's essential to calculate your system's power requirements and choose an appropriate PSU.

Case size and cooling solutions

Ensure your components fit within your chosen computer case. Some components, like large GPUs or coolers, may require a specific case size or form factor. Additionally, check that your CPU cooler fits in your case and is compatible with your CPU socket. Ensure your case has adequate airflow for cooling.

Operating system, oeripheral, and software compatibility

Consider the compatibility of your chosen operating system, input and output devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor), and software. Different operating systems have varying hardware requirements, and some software may have specific hardware requirements, especially in fields like gaming or content creation. Check the software's requirements to ensure compatibility.

In summary, while PC components are designed with common standards in mind, compatibility issues can arise due to differences in specifications. Research and careful planning are essential to ensure that the components you select will work together effectively in your PC build.

Choosing Gaming PC Parts

Graphics cards

Low-tier budget

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super D6 6GB Graphics Card

For gamers on a budget, these graphics cards offer good performance for 1080p gaming without breaking the bank. They are capable of handling most modern games at medium to high settings, providing an affordable gaming experience.

Medium-tier budget

MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ventus 3x E 12GB OC Graphic Card

Mid-range GPUs like these strike a balance between price and performance. They provide excellent 1080p gaming performance and can even handle 1440p gaming. Gamers seeking a solid gaming experience will find these GPUs appealing.

High-tier budget

MSI GeForce RTX 4080 16GB GAMING X TRIO Graphics Card

High-tier GPUs offer top-of-the-line gaming performance, excelling at 1440p and 4K gaming. They support ray tracing and high frame rates, making them ideal for gamers who demand the best visual quality and gaming experience.

Processors (CPUs)

Low-tier budget

Intel Core i3-13100 13th Gen Desktop Processor

For budget-conscious gamers, these CPUs offer solid gaming performance at 1080p without breaking the bank. They handle most modern games effectively and are cost-effective choices.

Medium-tier budget

Intel Core i7-14700KF 20-Core 14th Gen Desktop Processor

Mid-range CPUs provide a balance between gaming performance and multitasking capabilities. They are ideal for gamers who engage in content creation, streaming, and demanding tasks in addition to gaming.

High-tier budget

Intel Core i9-13900KS Desktop Processor

High-tier CPUs offer top-tier gaming performance and excel at multitasking and demanding workloads. They are ideal for gamers who prioritize the best gaming performance and have no budget constraints.


Low-tier budget

MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS Motherboard

Low-tier budget motherboards provide essential features at an affordable price. They offer reliable performance and support for the CPU and GPU without unnecessary extras.

Medium-tier budget

ASUS Prime B760M-A Wi-Fi D4 mATX Intel Socket 1700 Motherboard

Medium-tier motherboards offer a balance between performance and price. They come with additional features like PCIe 4.0 support, enhanced connectivity, and better power delivery.

High-tier budget

ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE EEB DDR5 Intel 4677 Socket Motherboard

High-tier motherboards are feature-rich, offering top-tier power delivery, enhanced connectivity, and support for the latest technologies. They are ideal for enthusiasts, gamers with high-end components, and overclockers.

Memory (RAM)

Low-tier budget

Crucial 8GB (1x 8GB) 3200MHz SODIMM DDR4 RAM

Low-tier budget RAM offers basic performance for gaming and multitasking. It is cost-effective and suitable for budget gaming builds.

Medium-tier budget

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 32GB (4x8GB) 3200MHZ DDR4 RAM

Medium-tier RAM strikes a balance between capacity and speed, offering smooth gaming and multitasking performance. It's suitable for gamers who want a bit more performance.

High-tier budget

Kingston FURY Beast 64GB (2x32GB) 5200MHz DDR5 RAM - White

High-tier RAM provides ample capacity and high-speed performance. It's ideal for gamers who engage in content creation, video editing, and other memory-intensive tasks in addition to gaming.

How to choose the best PC components for your needs

Choosing the right PC components is crucial for building a computer that meets your specific requirements. Whether you're a gamer, content creator, or a casual user, selecting the best components can significantly impact your PC's performance and functionality.

Determine your needs:

Before you start shopping for PC components, define your specific needs. Consider factors like:

Usage: Are you building a gaming PC, a workstation, or a general-purpose computer?

Budget: Determine how much you're willing to spend on your PC build.

Performance: Decide on the level of performance you need for tasks like gaming, video editing, or everyday use.

Compatibility matters:

Ensure that all the components you choose are compatible with each other. Consider the following:

Motherboard: The motherboard should be compatible with your CPU and other components.

CPU socket: Ensure the CPU socket matches your chosen CPU.

RAM type: Make sure your RAM is supported by your motherboard.

Focus on the key components:

CPU (Central Processing Unit):

Select a CPU that matches your performance needs and budget.

Consider the number of cores and clock speed.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):

For gaming or graphic-intensive tasks, invest in a dedicated GPU.

Check for compatibility with your motherboard and power supply.

Memory (RAM):

Choose the right amount of RAM for your needs (8GB, 16GB, or more).

Ensure RAM speed and type match your motherboard.


Opt for a fast SSD for your OS and frequently used software.

Consider additional HDD storage for larger files and games.

Power supply (PSU):

Select a PSU that provides enough power for all your components.

Ensure it's from a reputable brand and is 80+ certified for efficiency.

Cooling and case:

Pick a case that accommodates your components and provides good airflow.

Consider CPU cooling solutions, such as air or liquid cooling, to prevent overheating.

Research and reviews:

Read reviews and seek recommendations to ensure component quality.

Look for benchmarks and user feedback to assess performance.

Warranty and support:

Check the warranty and customer support options for each component.

Reliable customer service can be a lifesaver in case of issues.


Consider how well your components will perform in the future.

Invest in components that can be upgraded or have a good resale value.


By carefully assessing your needs, researching components, and ensuring compatibility, you can build a PC that not only meets your current requirements but also serves you well in the future. Making informed decisions will result in a satisfying and efficient computing experience.

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