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We specialise in the supply of projectors from all the top brands such as Optoma Projectors, Acer Projectors, BenQ Projectors and Epson. We offer Projectors suitable for the home cinema, business and more. Take a look at some of our popular areas below:

Projectors at Box

It used to be that a projector would only be used for business purposes, such as displaying a presentation in a meeting or information towards a crowd of people. Nowadays a projector can be seen as something else entirely different. With the power of modern projectors you can transform any room of your house into a home cinema system with little effort. 4K brings dazzling colours into a room, perfect for that latest blockbuster or for bringing the battlefield to life in your very own living room!

We specialise in the latest projector technologies and with brands such as; Acer, Optoma, BenQ and Epson we’ll be able to find the right projector to suit your needs. So whether you are after a gaming projector or a high definition home cinema projector system we have the brand and the model for you. On the other hand, if you do require a projector for your business, we can help you there as well.

Projector Buying Guide

Has the idea of choosing a new projector left you feeling a little lost? Presenting, the Box Projector buyers guide! Nowadays Projectors come in all shapes and sizes, some are more suited towards home use while, there are others that are more suited for boardroom or classroom. With our handy buyers guide, we can help you choose the right projector. With brands such as; Acer, Optoma, BenQ and Epson we’re sure to be able to find the right projector for you!

Projector Technology

Choosing the correct projector type is an important step as there are a few ways they can differ from each other. Here are the main types of projector technology:

DLP (Digital Light Processing) – DLP is more useful when you are thinking about a home cinema as it boasts high brightness levels and the best quality 3D experiences.

3LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) - LCD is a great in-between general use, capable of good quality rendering of blacks as well as good handling of motion and taking care of blurred images.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) – LED projectors have one main advantage over all other projectors, they last basically as long as the projector itself. There is also no cool down or warm up time and you can still get a clear sharp image with high resolution.


When choosing a projector the first thing to consider is the space you are going to place it in. If you want the projector out the way but still accessible, think about a ceiling mounted projector that will clear space on surfaces. However, if you have space on a unit an Ultra/Short Throw projector might be more effective. These units can be placed anywhere from 5cm to 40cms away from the wall and still project a viewing area as little as 70 inches to a massive 130 inches!